Know who your fans are – the first step

June 12, 2020

Digital marketing, music promotion, release strategy, fan base growth, loyal fans, tribe.

All these buzzwords have one thing in common:


In other words: Know your target audience.

(I’m talking about the consumer fans, not people such as music supervisors.)

Without a target audience, the chance of a profitable outcome approaches zero.

Even if you won’t launch a Youtube or Instagram ad right now, it’s vital to gather the data.

And, it’s pretty easy, too.

  1. Create. All you need to do is set up tracking accounts. I recommend Google Analytics and Facebook Business Manager. If you haven’t created these accounts yet, do it now.
  2. Install. You can add the tracking codes (pixels) to your website, landing pages, and much more.
  3. Customize. Once everything is set up, you can create custom audiences that will fill up in the background. This gives you the opportunity to target potential fans when it’s time.

It may take a few days until everything is up and running. And this is only the first step.

Most visitors are stored for half a year up to a year. So better start now to maximize the potential to target the right people, save money, and grow your fan base.

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