The 50/50 rule for independent musicians

May 8, 2020

The most important thing is that you have great songs that align with your purpose as a musician. If your songs fail to serve your audience, all your marketing and management are in vain.

Without authentic songs that speak directly to your audience, your journey can end quickly.

That’s why it’s good to split up your time.

I call it the 50/50 rule, you can call it however you want:

50% of your time, you will work as the artist and creator.

Learn how to write better lyrics for your productions. Write better lyrics. Learn how to play your instrument or sing better. Practice frequently. Learn how to perform better recordings for your productions. Record better performances. Learn how to produce better songs for your audience. Produce better songs.

In the other 50% of your time, work as the business and creative manager. 

Learn how to reach more people and grow your audience. Grow your audience. Learn how to turn listeners into fans to make a living from your audience. Monetize your content. Learn more about your audience to write better lyrics. Full circle.

In fact, focusing on honing your craft on both sides will push your music career forward.

Even though I called it 50/50, it doesn’t have to be equal all the time. Sometimes it makes sense to split your time up into 40/60, 70/30, or even 95/5. It all depends on where you are now and what your next goal is about. Think big.

If you wanna stay ahead of yourself, review your music business weekly, monthly, and quarterly. This allows you to check on the overall balance.

Music is what we do. First and foremost. Let’s not forget this.

What will be your next step for your music career?

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