Enjoy your life more as a purposeful musician

April 17, 2020

It’s extremely important to have a purpose as a musician. Something to look forward to achieving. To make the world a better place.

Yup, that sounds so cheesy.

However, I know a bunch of creators who struggle with this – myself included. Especially when you’re still in the early phases of whatever you wanna pursue.

Last week, I received a desperate email from a subscriber. She told me that she’s frustrated because she doubted herself. Some ancient gatekeeping people declined her music, and she felt down. Even though she had positive feedback on live streams.

If you’re doing live streams right now and getting positive feedback, that is so great!

But back to the topic.

I overcame the struggle of finding a purpose by defining what I’m going to fight against. And while the word ‘fight’ somehow implies aggressive actions and epic outcomes, it’s so less dramatic.

You can fight against world hunger – although it seems a bit unspecific. Or you can fight against a false belief such as that many independent artists come to a point where they think they can’t live from their music career – and give up. (That’s why I teach independent artists to build a profitable music business.) Or you can fight against certain fears or sicknesses and support people to overcome them. Or you can fight against sad stories of people who don’t enjoy their jobs or life and help them become extremely fulfilled and happy. Or you can fight … you name it.

Once you have something to fight against, you can determine your goals and actions – and you know what’s on the line if you fail.

Let me know if you’re interested in a framework that helps you develop your mission. I’m happy to tell you more about it so that you become a profitable and purposeful artist over a long time.

I read and reply to every message.

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