The lifeblood of your music career

January 17, 2020

Do you know this one little thing we independent musicians need the most? Fans.

Having a successful music career depends on a bunch of individual factors. But to realize your dream in today’s music industry, you better take care of your fans.

For you as an independent musician, your fans are the most valuable asset.

They are your currency (so to say…)

Most major record artists have lost touch with their fans.

I’m not talking about the few superstars in the world, Rather about all these signed artists that fade into obscurity the minute they stop relying on themselves.

Building and maintaining a connection to their fans is the key to a successful artist career. No matter if you’re independent, signed, if you’re into music or other creative stuff.

If you can establish a connection to your fans, you will win in the long haul.

And this is easier than it seems.

From now on, whenever you make a music business decision, ask yourself whether this decision is good for your fans or not.

It’s such a simple question. And it helps you big time.

Focus on what helps and eliminate what doesn’t.

If you proceed this way, you not only have a much clearer path but you also increase your chances to win – exponentially.

This is a business lesson 101. Satisfy the customers, reap the results. Here, the customers are your fans.

In the 2020s, personal connections between fans and musicians will become even more important. There’s so much great music out there. It’s hard to remember any artist if they don’t stand out. Don’t be one of these plain artists. Build personal connections with your fans and win.

P.S. I talked about what it takes to fund your music career with your fans.

P.P.S. Here’s also 3 steps to build and boost the number of superfans.

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